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7 News Sunshine Coast - Listen to Kathryn in action.

As President of Save Twin Waters West, Kathryn has been involved in this community-led action for several years, despite no longer residing in the suburb. She has personally dedicated literally hundreds of hours of her time (along with a team of local experts) to deliver hearing submissions, court submissions, court hearings, with both wins and losses along the way. The issue is still current. Here Kathryn is in 2020, being interviewed by Channel 7 Sunshine Coast News after one of the wins.

'The Twin Waters West action group hope the site designated for a housing estate may be put to better use after the Sunshine Coast Council voted down the 104-hectare development.

"An art gallery, cafe, Eastern Grey viewing platform. We feel that is a really good tourism venture and could potentially be very lucrative." - Save Twin Waters West President, Kathryn Hyman.'

Report on 7NEWS Sunshine Coast at 6pm. 24 July 2020.


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I have a PROVEN RECORD of actively speaking up for YOU and the best interests of residents of the Sunny Coast for 8 YEARS via community advocacy groups at the local and state levels. 


 I was raised in Division 8 & as a mother of two, I am passionate about protecting our way of life and natural assets, by ensuring well-planned development and job creation, adaptation and resilience to change, and increased meaningful community consultation.

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