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What Kathryn Brings to the Council?

Take a few minutes to discover why Kathryn will best represent Division 8, and the needs of you and your family who live here! 


READY for the job

Through her efforts and experience dealing with the council, Kathryn understands the importance of the democratic arm of local government and knows how to navigate the bureaucracy, processes, and governance.


Instead of passing the buck, Kathryn wants to lobby and work with her state and federal counterparts to address issues facing locals on the ground. Regardless of jurisdiction and tiers of government, these issues need to be addressed collaboratively through government and meaningful consultation with the community.  

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Improved Decision Making

I will seek evidence-based decision making and meaning engagement with locals. Decisions should be based on best available science and the principles enshrined in the Local Government Act regarding impartiality.  I will use science and community expectations as my compass.

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Planning Scheme Respect

Uphold and consistently respect the primacy of the planning scheme - the scheme is based in scientific methodology and reflects community expectations. The planning scheme is heavily resourced and consulted on costing rate payers $16M It provides assurance to residents, businesses and investors alike. People need to know what is happing in their area and these rules should apply to everyone including influential developers. Too often we see residents jumping through every hoop to renovate, yet variations and exceptions are made for the big end of town. The town plan should be a level playing field for all.

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Protection of our natural assets, our waterways, and our unique wildlife by supporting actionable solution-driven initiatives.

Focus on coastal management and planning for our vulnerable coastal communities so that our assets are protected and remain insurable. 

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Following up on YOUR issues:-

I’m also interested in following up on issues raised with me directly with residents, organisations and community groups; 

• Dog off leash area consultation & dog parks 
• Improved bus service and time tabling 
• Not For Profit funerals 
• Beach volley ball infrastructure 
• Budgets brought back for on the ground services 
• Kerbside collect 
• Discretion/ reduction in parking fine infringement amounts 
• Cultural Heritage overlay codes actioned in the next planning scheme 
• Healthy River Plan and updated catchment modelling 
• Sport & Recreation that is inclusive 


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