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Most Inspirational Woman! #19/100

Kathryn was voted #19 in the Courier Mail 2022 'Sunshine Coast's 100 Most Inspirational Women List.

"Community Group leader Kathryn Hyman has been central to several campaigns against Sunshine Coast Council as she fights to preserve the environment and scenery of the region.
Her perseverance agains develpments such as Seskisui House and fighting the approval of the Twin Waters West development demonstrates her never say die attitude." Courier Mail March 2022


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Vote 1 - Kathryn!

I have a PROVEN RECORD of actively speaking up for YOU and the best interests of residents of the Sunny Coast for 8 YEARS via community advocacy groups at the local and state levels. 


 I was raised in Division 8 & as a mother of two, I am passionate about protecting our way of life and natural assets, by ensuring well-planned development and job creation, adaptation and resilience to change, and increased meaningful community consultation.

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