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Meet the Candidate - Kathryn Hyman for Division 8!


Kathryn is a high-profile resident who missed being elected to the Division 8 seat by a mere 180 votes (out of 20K) at the 2020 local government elections. In 2024 it's her time!!


Kathryn is a true local, who grew up in Division 8.  Like herself before them, her children attend local schools and are members of the local surf life-saving community.  Her daughter graduated from Coolum High in 2023 and is starting at UniSC.  This is why Kathryn is so passionate about the Sunshine Coast. 

For over 8 years, Kathryn has dedicated her time to community advocacy, namely in the planning and development space, and holds several executive committee positions including that of the peak ratepayer association of the Sunshine Coast OSCAR INC.  She is regularly seen on the local TV news, radio, and in print, discussing important issues.


Kathryn was recognised twice in the 'Power List Top 50 Most Influential' on the Sunshine Coast 2022/2023 and 'Top Most Inspirational for International Women’s Day 2022'.


Kathryn believes growth is inevitable and a balanced approach to protecting our lifestyle and natural assets is possible through our planning scheme and aligned infrastructure provisions. 2024 will see a new scheme for the Sunshine Coast and is a very important tenure in terms of ‘how we grow’.


Brand Sunshine Coast is at risk of overdevelopment and Kathryn believes our brand needs to be protected given tourism is one of our bread-and-butter economic sectors for our small and medium businesses.


Kathryn is particularly interested in coastal management and planning for our vulnerable coastal communities so that our assets are protected and remain insurable. 

Through her efforts and experience dealing with the council, Kathryn understands the importance of the democratic arm of local government and knows how to navigate the bureaucracy, processes, and governance.


Instead of passing the buck, Kathryn wants to lobby and work with her state and federal counterparts to address issues facing locals on the ground. Regardless of jurisdiction and tiers of government, these issues need to be addressed collaboratively through government and meaningful consultation with the community.  

Why Vote 1 - Kathryn Hyman?

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Make a cup of tea and take 5 minutes to learn about what Kathryn Hyman brings to the Sunshine Coast Council.

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