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Our town of Pacific Paradise is getting a lot of love lately. Between the underway and ever-expanding retirement village on Menzies Drive, the Bowls Club and Tavern redevelopment live application, and stage 1 of Twin Waters West out for public comment, we are at risk of being loved to death.

I’ve been participating in various SEQ Regional Plan in Draft workshops, think tanks, and information sessions. The SEQRP draft talks to increasing density to accommodate growth forecasts to 2040.

The draft is clear in its language in that this process is described as ‘Gentle Development’, ‘Gradual Densification and Consolidation’ and that communities do not feel the ‘abrupt impacts’ of intensive development.

I have concerns around traffic egress and parking, especially around our landlocked school and supermarket and decades before public transport infrastructure and designated transport hubs are built.

The current TWW stage 1&2 is just the beginning, stages 3-6 are unknown and will not be subject to public consultation. We were again assured by this developer that the application is Kosher yet this proposal again starves our DIWA listed wetland of water for example. Our wetland is not a “Dry Wetland”! For goodness sake.

Trust is a commodity.

We live in a spectacular part of the world and there is a lot of money to be made - we need to be vigilant as we grow in that development is appropriate and inline with community expectations, our character and liveability.


Learn more about this important issue and residents concerns here.


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I have a PROVEN RECORD of actively speaking up for YOU and the best interests of residents of the Sunny Coast for 8 YEARS via community advocacy groups at the local and state levels. 


 I was raised in Division 8 & as a mother of two, I am passionate about protecting our way of life and natural assets, by ensuring well-planned development and job creation, adaptation and resilience to change, and increased meaningful community consultation.

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