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I chose blue and white for my Campaign colours for two reasons;

  • The sky is the limit in terms of the exciting times and innovation ahead for our region

  • The elements - we want clean air, clean oceans, and clean waterways.

I chose not to buy into campaign T-shirt’s and I keep campaign paraphernalia to a minimum, because of the carbon footprint and ethical concerns attached these these sorts of products.

I ask volunteers to wear a white shirt that they already own and blue on the bottom, and I provide lanyards and a few white shirts and sizes are at hand.

At the upcoming polling booths during the last two weeks of March, my volunteers will be demonstrating a quiet respectful presence at the booths.

I am of the opinion that politics is a serious business, not a circus, and the public should be able to enter a calm and measured space to engage in the political process.

My feeling, and those I’ve been speaking to, feel that voters running the gauntlet to cast their vote via the hard sell of electioneers is intimidating and ‘in your face’.

During the last two weeks of March, my volunteers won’t have bells and whistles, flashing neon or gaudy T-shirts - I aim for a quiet respectful, and approachable presence at the booths with information at hand.

Who has two hours to get their Civic Duty on and have a coffee with a friend at the booths and help show a presence?

If I get elected, your two hours will be repaid in hard work and dedication to my role in advocating for and representing the best interests of residents in Division 8. Contact me by email - if you would like to volunteer.

Kathryn, Your Strong Voice for Division 8!


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Vote 1 - Kathryn!

I have a PROVEN RECORD of actively speaking up for YOU and the best interests of residents of the Sunny Coast for 8 YEARS via community advocacy groups at the local and state levels. 


 I was raised in Division 8 & as a mother of two, I am passionate about protecting our way of life and natural assets, by ensuring well-planned development and job creation, adaptation and resilience to change, and increased meaningful community consultation.

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